We're glad you stopped by!  Ms. Dee Dee's serves Stallings, Indian Trail, Lake Park, Hemby Bridge, Monroe, and surrounding areas with the best in child care. We are proud of the fact that we are one of the only After School Care programs in the area to accept middle schoolers to age 14!  We offer a newer state-of-the-art facility, great programs that engage the children, and much more. For the past 19 years, Ms. Dee Dee's has continued to put the children FIRST - which is why it is no surprise Ms. Dee Dee's After School & Summer Care Program is Union County's After School Specialist! 


Help 'Make Ms. Dee Dee Cool'!!!

Wait a second- everyone knows that Ms. Dee Dee and the staff are 'cool', but it's her buses that aren't!
We've been busy selling candy in the office to raise money to purchase buses with A/C, but at $1 per
candy,it is going to take a really loooooong time to collect the money we need.  A/C would help
tremendously during the warmer months of the year, and especially during summer camp, when we
take the kids on all ofthose awesomefield trips. Ms. Dee Dee is looking into some additional
ways to raise money, so stay tuned for more information!