After School


Ms. Dee Dee's After School Care Program is one of the best after-school child care programs in the area. We have a great number of features and benefits to meet the needs of our parents and children. Below we have listed some of the key points, but we invite you to call us and arrange a tour of our facility to see for yourself how we are doing things a step above the competition.

   We Offer:

  • A Very Clean, Newer Facility
  • Experienced and Certified Staff
  • Age-Group Separated Classrooms
  • One of the few After School Programs in the Area to Accept Middle Schoolers to Age 14
  • Actively Involved Administration
  • Diverse Work Centers
  • Parents Night Out
  • Fenced-In Playground
  • Local Transportation
  • Homework and Snack Time
     The Schools We Currently Serve Are:
  • Hemby Bridge Elementary
  • Poplin Elementary
  • Porter Ridge Elementary
  • Sardis Elementary
  • Stallings Elementary
  • Union Prep Academy
  • Porter Ridge Middle School-Drops off to us



Ms. Dee Dee's follows the Union County Public Schools 'Traditional' calendar.  You can find a copy of the 2018/2019 school year calendar

Ms Dee Dee's after-school program is open from 2 pm to 6 pm every day of the school year, except as noted below for special days. On regular school days, the kids have a snack and a mandatory hour of homework time, during which our after school teachers are available to provide homework assistance as needed.  Children without homework will engage in quiet activities during that time.  Once homework time is over, the kids will head outside for sports and games, weather permitting or will participate in fun activities inside the building.

Schedule and Pricing for Special School Days:

TEACHER WORK DAYS / HOLIDAYS:  We are open on all teacher work days, and most school holidays from 7 am to 6 pm.  Don't forget to pack lunch for your child.  The extra fee per full time enrolled child is $10, and the fee per drop-in child is $35.



AnchorEARLY DISMISSAL DAYS:  We are open from 11 am (or earlier) to 6 pm on all early dismissal days, and will pick up the kids up from school at the earlier time.  Please make sure you send a lunch with your child.  There is an extra $5 dollar fee per full time enrolled child, and the fee per drop-in child is $20.

SNOW DAYS: Whenever Union County Public Schools are closed due to snow, WE WILL BE OPEN from 7 am to 6 pm! Remember to have your child dressed warmly for outside snow play, and don't forget to send a lunch.  The extra fee per full time enrolled child is $10, and the fee per drop-in child is $35.  PLEASE NOTE: if no children arrive at the building by 10 AM, then we will be closed for the day.

TWO HOUR DELAYED OPENING DAYS: WE ARE NOT OPEN for two hour delayed opening days, and therefore do not provide before care nor transportation to the schools in the morning.

After School Specials:

NEW ENROLLMENT SPECIAL CONTINUES: Enroll now,  and pay no registration fee! That is a saving of $50 for the first (only) child and $30 savings for each additional child!  Instead, all we ask of you is to donate a box or two of sidewalk chalk (we especially need this now) or a new ball- basketball, soccer ball, or football, or lined/copy paper and pencils/electric sharpeners! Thanks, we appreciate it!

HOLIDAY & ABSENCE WEEK REDUCED TUITION: Ms. Dee Dee's now offers a special discount for our full time enrolled families!  If the child(ren) of a full time enrolled family do not attend for an entire school week or only attend one day,  then the tuition will be discounted $20 off per child in the family!   This discount applies during the whole school year, including holiday weeks!

***Take a look at our After School Photo Album to see what fun we are having.

***Please click here to access Ms. Dee Dee's Enrollment Application and other downloadable documents.


After School Price List


**Tuition is due on Mondays, and is to be paid regardless of whether or not the child is in attendance.  This is meant as a place holder, and is non-negotiable.



WAIVED!  Instead please donate sidewalk chalk, a ball or lined paper and pencils!
(This is a saving of $50 for 1st child & $30 each additional child!)
Weekly Tuition:
 $65 --- $5 off each sibling
Porter Ridge Middle Tuition:
(School Drops Off @ Ms. Dee Dee's)
$50.00 per child

Teacher Workday/ Snow Day/Early Dismissal/Holiday

$10.00 in addition to regular tuition per child

$5.00 in addition to regular tuition per child
for early dismissal
Holiday Breaks:

$100.00 per child with extended hours: 7am-6pm

Absence Discount: If a full time enrolled child does not attend Ms. Dee Dee's during a holiday week (winter or spring) OR during a regular school week, then the family will only have to pay the spot holding fee of $20 LESS there tuition per child for the week.
After School Drop-In Rate:
$15.00 per child per day for 1 or 2 days OR
3 or more days pay full week tuition price
Full Day Drop In Rate:
$35.00 per child per day for 1 or 2 days OR
flat rate of $100.00 for 3 or more days


                       Please Note:  There is a $25.00 NSF Fee on all returned checks.